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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Constitution of the Dominican Republic (2010)

Title II, Chapter I, Section II, Article 61:

“Every person has the right to an integral health. In consequence,The State must see to the protection of the health of all persons, the access to potable water, the improvement of nutrition, of the health services, the hygienic conditions, the healthy environmental, as well as to procure the means for the prevention and treatment of all diseases, assuring the access to medicines of quality and providing medical and hospital assistance gratuitously to those who require it.”

Article 67(5):

“The public powers shall prevent and control the factors of environmental degradation [deterioro], will impose the legal sanctions, [and] the objective responsibility for damages caused to the environment and to the natural resources and will require reparation [of] them. Likewise, they will cooperate with other nations in the protection of the ecosystems along the maritime and terrestrial frontier.”

Title II, Chapter I, Section IV, Article 67:

“The prevention of pollution, [and] the protection and maintaining of the environment for the benefit of the present and future generations, constitute duties of the State.” Article 67(4): “In the contracts celebrated by the State or in the permits that it grants that involve the use and exploitation of the natural resources, the obligation to preserve the ecological equilibrium, the access to technology and its transfer, as well as the reestablishment of the environment to its natural state, if it is altered [as a] result [,] will be considered [as] included.”