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Josh Gellers UNF

Enviro Rights Map is co-developed by Josh Gellers (University of North Florida) and Erin Daly and Jim May (Widener University Delaware Law School). This project is affiliated with the Digital Humanities Institute at UNF.

Data for this website were compiled from the Comparative Constitutions Project, HeinOnline’s World Constitutions Illustrated, Global Environmental Constitutionalism by James R. May and Erin Daly, and The Environmental Rights Revolution by David Boyd. At this time, the website features substantive environmental rights, procedural environmental rights, statements of public policy, the right to water, and the rights of nature at the national and subnational levels.

A number of ambitious and hardworking students have contributed to this project over the years. They include: Sarah Entezari, Ioana Raducu, and Rehan Vaid (UC Irvine); Katharina Earle, Tyler Wilk, and Julian Benson-Reid (Delaware Law School); and Dennise Manansala and Trevor Cheatham (University of North Florida). Any mistakes are solely those of the co-developers of this website.