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Constitution of the State of Acre (1989)

Chapter VI, Section IV, Article 206:

“Everyone has the right to an ecologically balanced environment, with the Public Power, together with community, defending and preserving it for present and future generations.

§ 1. In order to guarantee the effectiveness of this right, it is the responsibility of the Public Power:
I – to preserve and restore essential ecological processes and provide for the ecological management of species and ecosystems;
II – to preserve a diversity and integrity of genetic heritage, supervise as entities dedicated to the research and manipulation of genetic material;
III – to define, based on previous studies, areas and their components to be protected, to be altered and suppressed as allowed by law, and any use that compromises the integrity of the attributes that justify its protection is prohibited;
IV – control of the production, commercialization, and use of techniques, methods, and substances that bring risks to lives and quality of life and environment;
V – to protect the fauna and flora from predatory and devastating species or that subject animals to cruelty;
VI – to preserve rivers, lakes, and streams of polluting actions that may alter the habitat of the species;
VII – supervise the use and commercialization of fertilizers, pesticides, or similar products that compromise soil quality, associated life, and man; and
VIII – prohibit the use of soil, subsoil, and water sources for the purpose of depositing atomic waste or similar, not territorial territory of the State.

§ 2. All who extract mineral resources are required to ensure the recovery of the degraded environment, using a technique determined by the competent public agency in the form of the law.

§ 4. Those whose activities and behaviors are harmful to the environment will be subject to criminal and administrative sanctions, and will be required to repair the damage caused.