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Constitutional Law of the Republic of Angola (1992)

Chapter II, Section I, Article 39, Section 1:

“All citizens shall have the right to live in a healthy and unpolluted environment and the duty to defend and preserve it.”

Chapter II, Section I, Article 24, Section 2:

“The State shall take the requisite measures to protect the environment and national species of flora and fauna throughout the national territory and maintain ecological balance, ensure the correct location of economic activities and the rational development and use of all natural resources, within the context of sustainable development, respect for the rights of future generations and the preservation of species.”

Chapter II, Section I, Article 39, Section 3:

“Acts that endanger or damage conservation of the environment shall be punishable by law.”

Chapter II, Section II, Article 74:

“Every citizen, either individually or through associations representing specific interests, shall have the right to take legal action in the cases and under the terms established by law, with the aim of annulling acts which are harmful to…the environment.”