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Constitution of the Republic of Colombia (1991)

Title II, Chapter 3, Article 79:

“Every individual has the right to enjoy a healthy environment. . . .”

“. . . The law will guarantee the community’s participation in the decisions that may affect it. . . .”

“. . . It is the duty of the state to protect the diversity and integrity of the environment, to conserve the areas of special ecological importance, and to foster education for the achievement of these ends.”

Title II, Chapter 3, Article 80:

“The State will plan the handling and use of natural resources in order to guarantee their sustainable development, conservation, restoration, or replacement. Additionally, it will have to caution and control the factors of environmental deterioration, impose legal sanctions, and demand the repair of any damage caused. In the same way, it will cooperate with other nations in the protection of the ecosystems located in the border areas.”