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Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Constitution of the Czech Republic (1993)

Chapter 4, Section I, Article 35:

“Everyone has the right to a favorable environment.”

*The text of the constitutional environmental right above comes from The
Charter of Fundamental Rights and Basic Freedoms, which the Parliament
declared to be a constitutional law in 1991. The Constitution of the Czech
Republic later proclaimed the Charter “an integral component of the
constitutional system” in 1993.

Chapter 4, Section I, Article 35(2):

“Everybody is entitled to timely and complete information about the state of the environment and natural resources.”

Chapter 1, Article 27:

“The State protects the environment and natural resources of the country. It recognizes their close link with the sustainable economic and social development for making human life more sensible, and for ensuring the survival, welfare, and security of present and future generations. It corresponds to the competent organs to implement this policy.”