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Constitution of the Land Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (1993)

Section I, Part II,  Article 6:

“(3) Everyone has the right of access to information about the environment that exists in the public administration.”

Section I, Part III,  Article 12:

“(1) Land, municipalities and districts as well as the other public administration authorities protect and maintain the natural foundations of current and future life and the animals within the scope of their responsibilities. They have an effect on the economical use of natural goods.

(2) Land, municipalities and districts protect and care for the landscape with its natural beauties, forests, corridors and avenues, the inland waters and the coast with the lagoon and Bodden waters. Free access to them is guaranteed.

(3) Everyone is required to contribute to the achievement of the objectives of paragraphs 1 and 2. This applies in particular to agriculture, forestry and water management in their importance for landscape management.

(4) Interventions in nature and landscape should be avoided, damages from unavoidable interventions should be compensated, and any damage already incurred should, as far as possible, be remedied.

(5) The details are regulated by law.