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Political Constitution of Peru (1979)

Title III, Chapter 2, Article 123:

“Everyone has the right to live in healthy environment, ecologically balanced and suitable for the development of life and the preservation of the landscape and nature. Everyone has the duty to preserve that environment. The state is obliged to prevent and control environmental pollution.”*

*This provision was removed in the 1993 Political Constitution of Peru, which included the following environmental rights provision under Title I, Chapter I, Article 2, Section 22: “Every person has the right:…to peace, tranquility, enjoyment of leisure time and to rest, as well as to a balanced and appropriate environment for the development of his life.”

Title III, Chapter 2, Article 68:

“The State is obliged to promote the conservation of biological diversity and of the protected natural areas.”

Title III, Chapter 2, Article 69:

“The State promotes the sustainable development of the Amazonia by means of appropriate laws.”