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Constitution of the Free State of Saxony (1992)

Section I, Article 10:

(1) The protection of the environment as a livelihood is, also in responsibility for future generations, duty of the country and obligation of all in the country. In particular, the land must protect the soil, the air and the water, animals and plants as well as the landscape as a whole including its growing settlement areas. It has to work towards the economical use and the recovery of raw materials and the economical use of energy and water.

(2) Recognized nature conservation associations have the right to participate in environmentally sound administrative procedures in accordance with the law. They have the right to sue in environmental matters; the closer determines a law.

(3) The State recognizes the right to enjoy natural beauties and recreation in the wild, as far as this does not conflict with the objectives of paragraph 1. Within this framework, the general public should be given access to mountains, forests, fields, lakes and rivers.

Section II, Article 34:

“Each person has the right to information about the data concerning the natural environment in their habitat, as far as they have been collected or stored by the Land and as far as not contrary to federal law, legally protected interests of third parties or overriding concerns of the general public.”