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Constitution of the Republic of Uganda (1995)

Preamble, XIII:

“The State shall protect important natural resources, including land, water, wetlands, minerals, oil, fauna and flora on behalf of the people of Uganda.”

Preamble, XIV:

“The State shall endeavour to fulfil the fundamental rights of all Ugandans to social justice and economic development and shall, in particular, ensure that -…

b. all Ugandans enjoy rights and opportunities and access to education, health services, clean and safe water, work, decent shelter, adequate clothing, food security and pension and retirement benefits.”

Preamble, XXVII:

“i. The State shall promote sustainable development and public awareness of the need to manage land, air, water resources in a balanced and sustainable manner for the present and future generations.

ii. The utilization of the natural resources of Uganda shall be managed in such a way as to meet the development and environmental needs of present and future generations of Ugandans; and in particular, the State shall take all possible measures to prevent or minimise damage and destruction to land, air and water resources resulting from pollution or other causes.

iii. The State shall promote and implement energy policies that will ensure that people’s basic needs and those of environmental preservation are met…”

Chapter 4, 39:

“Every Ugandan has a right to a clean and healthy environment.”