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Constitution of the Republic of Uruguay (1967)

  • Author: Trevor Cheatham
  • Date Posted: Oct 12, 2017
  • Category:
  • Address: Montevideo, Uruguay

Section II, Chapter II, Article 47:

“The protection of the environment is of general interest. Persons must abstain from any act that causes grave depredation, destruction or contamination to the environment. The law shall regulate this provision and may provide sanctions for transgressors.“*

*Previous to 1996, there were no provisions for the environment in the Constitution of the Republic of Uruguay. In 1996, the previous text in Article 47 was consolidated into Article 46, and the text above was created for Article 47.

In 2004, text was added to Article 47 in the Constitution of the Republic of Uruguay so that it reads:

“Water is a natural resource essential for life. The access to potable water and the access to sanitation, constitute fundamental human rights.

1.The national policy concerning water and sanitation shall be based on:

c. the establishment of priorities for the use of water by regions, basins, or parts of them, having the first priority [be] the provision of potable water to the population.

d. the principle that the delivery [prestación] of the services of potable water and sanitation, must have preference for reasons of social order over the economic order.”